Friday, June 4, 2010

Put your feelings in a journal for each other to read.

Here is a great way to let your partner know how you are feeling. Start a feelings journal that you can keep by your bed. What is a feelings journal?, you might ask. Well it is a little book where you write anything you would like your partner to know. It can be things that bother you, or the way they make you feel great, to even things you would like to discover or try. The subject matter can range between bills to sex. The point is the journal is a way to communicate things to each other. The way it works is you both set a time for you to write your feelings in the journal. Make these different time I would suggest a time where the two of you are apart and not only do you write your feeling in your feelings journal you read what you partner has wrote. A feelings journal is a great way to express to each other feelings that you might not be comfortable with just talking during your normal conversations. Now here is the kicker you don't ever confront you partner on what they wrote! You take it in put it in your mind, you can act on it later but you, never ever read their statement and go right out to confront them about it. I think once you get in the habit of writing and reading a feelings journal you will become closer. One last word of advise this is not a bashing journal if all you are going to do is write down things that upset you then you might as well throw the journal out the window now. Sure sometimes you will want to address something negative but most of the time it should be positive and build your relationship. Try it out I am sure you will enjoy it and it only takes a couple of minutes a day. Time well spent.

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