Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Make your feeling known by using signs.

It is hard to figure out men and it is hard to figure out women. Now throw in a wonderful relationship and you have to constantly try to figure things out. There is a great way to inform you partner of you wants or desires without just blurting them out. Some people are uncomfortable with just speaking their feelings, but since this is the best way to get your feelings across, what do you do? Well I want to suggest making up signs for things so that you partner doesn't have to guess what you want or desire. You can have as many of these signs as you want just make sure they are clear and to the point for you mate. For instance if you are feeling like a little intimacy hang your bra or underwear on the bedroom door. Once you partner sees this they know you intentions and don't have to wonder if your in the mood or not. Say you feel like going on a date, you could lay out the movie ads with your keys placed on them. Maybe you need some alone time, then borrow a do not disturb sign from a hotel and give that to your partner so they know you don't want to be disturbed. You can make up as many of these bold statements as you want and you might just find that you partner will do the same. You will eliminate the asking over and over again for things. Plus you will get right to the point when you want something.

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