Friday, June 11, 2010

Learn to talk a little dirty.

Deep inside our brains we all like a little dirty talk. Either in the throws of passion or as foreplay this dirty talk can take us to a higher level in our sex life. Even the most reserved person can become a dirty talker with a little practice. First you have to learn your style, are you the demanding dirty talker. Demanders bark out instructions using the most vivid words. You could be the screamer where you throw out dirty words as you orgasm. Maybe your the shy one that likes to send your dirty talk via text messages or email. No matter what your style dirty talk can enhance your relationship. Ladies you have the upper hand at this, while for guys we need to be a little more reserved. Guys blurting out dirty words out of the bedroom might seem a little abusive however it is quite different if the lady comes out and asks for her partner to put their face between her boobs. I have found a great web site to help you learn to talk dirty and give you several phrases you might want to use sometime. The link is posted below. Good luck and happy dirty talking.

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