Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just be buddies for a day!

There is so much pressure in a relationship to have it perfect. Being romantic enough, having your finances in order, having the best sex possible, and catering to each other are enough to give you a break down. First thing, stop trying to make your relationship perfect it isn't possible. No relationship is perfect they all have flaws of some sorts.

The next time the two of you have a day just to hang out with each other I want you to just be friends. Treat each other like you would your friends. Joke around do things that you aren't relationship based. Go play golf, go shopping, eat at a place that isn't romantic, do what you do when the two of you are apart. Have fun, be silly, and don't put any pressure on the day by being a couple. This might sound a little silly but it will bring you closer more so than you might think.

One of the biggest problems I hear from couples is they don't have fun together anymore. Their dates seem like chores or things they must do. Break out of that and start being friends again and see how it improves your relationship. When we start dating we obviously have some attraction to each other but we really want someone we can have fun with. So why should that stop once we have this wonderful relationship? You tell me.

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