Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is it my turn?

One thing we find interesting in our relationship is that we both like to be the aggressor in our sex life. This presents a little problem as we both get a rush being the one that initiates sex. As fun as it might sound you both can be the aggressor at the same time. That's like both of you trying to lead during dancing. The simple solution to this problem is to take turns being the aggressor. Don't pick a specific date but just make every other time a switch to the other persons time to be the aggressor. Sex is powerful and the rush you get from taking your partner in your arms to initiate the actions. Hard kisses that tell the other person what you have in mind, or leading your partner by the hand to the bedroom and shutting the door are a couple of ways that get this point across. Being the less aggressive partner isn't all bad but being the passive one all the time really sucks. Make sure both partners get to prowl for sex within your relationship. Their is something about getting that look in your eye and the raw emotions of being aggressive when it come to getting the intimacy you want.

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