Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't just put anything up there!

A vagina is a wonderful thing, it is amazing the amount of pleasure it can produce and take. However, you can't just be sticking anything up there. There is a ph balance that need to be kept at a normal level or optimal health. Introducing things that disrupt this balance can be harmful to our female partners. Infections can be caused by disrupting this balance and that is no fun for anyone. How can you avoid these painful mistakes? Well for starters don't stick anything up the vagina that is not designed to go up there. Food items should not be introduced into the vagina and even sex toys can be made of poor materials that are not good for the inner workings of our women. You vagina is designed to produce it's own lubrication so even lubrication should be checked out before you use it. Different women will have different effects so you can't just ask Sally what lube she uses, because you ph balance might not be the same as hers. So as you start to experiment with you sexuality make sure you are taking it slow and introducing things at a safe rate. Don't use 20 different things the first time you insert something into the vagina pick something and make sure it will work. When picking out something to use inside your vagina make sure the material it is made of is safe metal, glass or medical grade silicon can all be safe materials to use of insertion. We want you to loads of great fun sex but we also want you to be safe and cautious so that you can have lots more great fun sex.

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