Monday, June 7, 2010

Change pictures often.

Here is a great way to keep things fresh in your mind and your relationship. Get a few picture frames and set them around the house in specific areas, where they will be viewed often. Then place just a regular picture of in them. Now comes the fun part pick and time frame, be it a month or a week. Then when that time frame is up go around to all the pictures and change them. Put a different picture in each and every frame. The change of scenery if you will, can make you and your partner do a double take. Once you get this in place your partner will soon be watching closely as it near for the time for the picture change. If this might be to much for you to remember every so often, then get one of those digital picture frames. Then load up a memory card with lots of pictures and put that card in the frame. Then all you have to do is go over and switch the picture being shown on the frame. You can set the digital frame to rotate however if you do this then make sure to load some different pictures onto the frame from time to time. Then you can sit back and enjoy the pictures and the memories of things like vacations, your wedding, birthdays, or just times of relaxation.

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