Monday, June 28, 2010

Anal Play

Anal play is an often over looked aspect of love making. People think it will be dirty or that it is wrong. Well I am here to tell you that it can heighten you love making beyond the norm. There are an extreme amount of nerve ending around the anus thus making it a pleasure center. Several people find that anal stimulation during sex is a real turn on. If you are uncomfortable with insertion just playing or rimming the anus is a stimulation that can make your sex more exciting. Butt Plugs are a great addition to anyones sexual arsenal but make sure anything you are sticking up your butt has a flared base. Taking a trip to the hospital to retrieve that vibrator could be a little embarrassing. When you first start to experiment with anal play make sure to take it slow and use lots of lubrication. Your butt doesn't lubricate itself so lubrication is a must for you anal play. Stop when ever there is pain and remove inserted items slowly as a safety feature. Guys don't be afraid of this it does not make you a homosexual if you enjoy anal play plus it might give you some insight into why some men enjoy being homosexual. If you have ever hear of milking your prostate then this is the way to get to that area. Milking the prostate while some find it most enjoyable is also a great way to protect yourself from prostate problems later on. Together you should search the net and find some toys to play with or use your best item, that being your fingers. Again make sure to pick up lots of your favorite lubrication and have at it. Enjoy and believe me you won't be disappointed.

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