Sunday, May 9, 2010

Your mother, their mother, oh mother!

Mothers day has so many ways to celebrate as we go into this celebration of the wonderful women in our life. Start with the mother that brought you into this world give her the justice she deserves for putting up with you crap during your teenage years. Give her the hugs and kisses you held back when she didn't let you go on the trip that landed your friends in jail. Next move on to the woman that mothered your children (if you don't have children skip this step) Give her all the praise and wonderment she deserves for going through labor to bring that wonderful bundle of joy that you have in your life. Finally celebrate the woman in your life for the amazing creature that she is for putting up with your shit. I mean come on how many times have you pissed her off or done something totally stupid and yet she still loves you. You know it is sad that most people wait until this day to celebrate these wonderful women. Maybe we should take a little more time during the rest of the year to make them know how important they are to us. We Love You Women, Thank YOU!!!!

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