Saturday, May 1, 2010

You love is never ending.

You know we think that when we give our love to our partner it stops there. We give our partner a kiss and tell them we love them. We don't think about how that simple act of love can grow and magnify. For starters it puts our partner in a good mood, so that automatically start feelings better and special. They in turn will be happy and spread that love around as they go about their day. The people that benefit from that spreading of love are people like your children, coworkers, and everyone they interact with. They will be friendly at the bank at work, even towards people they meet on the street. Eventually that love might even come back to your during the day. Be it someone you partner passed during the day or you children when you get home that love will return to you creating a never ending cycle. I didn't even mention how much love you will get in return from you partner. Start you cycle right now and walk over and kiss your partner for no reason, tell them you love them and walk away. No you have set the never ending love in motion, enjoy it when it comes back.

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