Monday, May 31, 2010

Silly awards could brighten someones day.

Do you remember anytime when you got an award and how special it made you feel. Maybe when you were a child and you won a running race and got a ribbon or when you were picked as employee of the month. This sense of accomplishment makes you beam with pride and even puts a little strut in your walk. Why not use this knowledge then to put that strut in your partners walk. Give them an award for general things they do within your life. Maybe you give them a ribbon for completing all the laundry in record time, or an award for putting the seat back down on the toilet. Make them sill and wonderful as you praise your partner with a little humor. Heck you can even make a crown and make them Queen/King of the dishes. Be as silly as you want, next time you make love get a score card has the number 10 on it and when you are finished hold it up as if a judge at a gymnastics competition at a little and give them a medal as you hum the national anthem. These are the type of things that breath life into your relationship and keep it from getting old. Start planning your award ceremony today and watch for that strut.

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