Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex in a relationship is much more then it appears.

Within a loving and mutual relationship sex takes on a whole new meaning. It isn't just a pleasure of the flesh it becomes a ritual of love and a dance of the souls. Think about how you feel after you make love to your partner. Most generally you are in a sense of relaxation and comfort. Next time you make love take some mental notes on how great you feel how and the power that you have connected with your partner. Within a relationship sex is a real wonder drug not only does it bring you closer to each other but it connects the power within both of you. Forming a supper being if you will. This is why I would suggest that coupes experiment with different aspects of sex. Try different positions, explore you bodies don't get stuck doing it the same way over and over. The more you find that excites you the more the charge you will get from it afterwards. Sex in a wonderful relationship has a way of slowing down time and giving you that confidence to go out and tackle the world. Few things in the life are as pleasurable as the love and passion of your partner. That is by design, that is why we search so hard for the person that is just right for us, that person that we want to find enlightenment with. Intimacy brings together all the abilities in both of you and combines them making the bond of love the greatest power in the universe.

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