Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reading can it hurt?

Can reading hurt your relationship? Reading is a wonderful activity and is a great alternative to watching countless hours of television. However reading can detract from your relationship just as television can. If one of the other of you become more into the reading then your relationship. I am amazed at the amount of romance stories I see some people have. Walls and walls of romantic novels, what does that tell you? Someone is not getting enough romance in their life and they are getting in through the use of these books. My suggestion to them would be to start living the romance and stop thinking that it will be like the authors put it in their books. Your partner might not have the perfect body or be able to pick you up and carry you to the bedroom. If your partner is not receptive to the romance then you need to be more creative in your pursuits. Reading a book to get your romance is not the way it was intended. These romance novels are produced to sale a lot of copies which means there are loads of lonely people out their not getting the attraction that they need. Sure an occasional romance novel isn't harmful it could actually maybe getting you a little excited and ready for your own lover. However if you are thinking that things have to happen like they do in the books your are going to be disappointed. Read a book from time to time but don't forget that the person sitting in the other room can be your knight in shinning armor, just maybe with the armor.

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