Monday, May 24, 2010

Never to old!

Don't make this your coffin!

I hear this a lot when couples talk about doing things. "I'm too old for that" and frankly I just don't buy it. Our bodies are made to be pushed and used and when we start deciding that we can't use them any more we become sediment. We gradually start to sink down into that chair in front of the television and soon find our self uncomfortable any time we are not there. Well my friends I am here to tell you to get your butt and your partners butt up and get out and enjoy your life. Don't get me wrong if your 80 years old I don't think that playing a game of tackle football is in your best interest. However at 80 the two of you can still get out and walk and sight see. At 80 you can still ride a bike, go fishing, or any number of activities that don't involve the television. You body will respond to the way you let it and if you want it to be worn out and broken down just let it sit around doing nothing. Have you ever had a car that hasn't been drove in a few years it doesn't run very well does it well that is same thing your body does. Grab your partner and get out and explore, play golf, ride bikes, dance, and life your life don't watch it from your chair! Motivate each other and you might just be able to get rid of the chairs all together.

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