Monday, May 3, 2010

Make up your own words to the movie.

Hello I was just cutting back some brush over there and realized it was time for the hockey tryouts, my name is Happy KILLMORE!

Want a fun little think to do together that will get you both laughing. Take a movie you are both familiar with and then turn down the sound and make up words for the people speaking in the movie. Yes, you are doing your own voice overs. Make it as silly as possible but try to keep it going as long as you can. Laughing and being silly together is a great exercise to perform to keep your relationship strong and close. Make it suggestive if you want to be a little intimate during the evening. Heck include your children for a more dramatic evening. Teaching your kids that it's okay for their parents to have fun and laugh together is a wonderful way to start them out right for when they have a relationship. What ever the genre of the movie you pick make sure to make your voiceovers as far from that genre as possible. For instance if you pick a western cowboy movie then make the voiceovers of inner city rappers, or if the movie is romantic then make it flow like the three stooges. You can only imagine the fun you can have with these. It might just become a tradition in your house.

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