Monday, May 10, 2010

Lean on me.

In a relationship we think of it all as push and shove. How we have to get what we want and our partner has to get what they want. There is no thought of balance between the two. Maybe if we work together we can both get what we want and keep a wonderful balance between the two. Say for instance you want to go play golf. Is it okay to go play when your partner trying to finish a project, where they have to deal with the kids and distractions while completing this task? Yet you want to play golf and it wouldn't be fair for you either to miss an enjoyment that you like? This is where we work together to get us both what we need. The simple solution would be to take care of the children and distractions so your partner could get their work done in a timely fashion. Then you would head out to the links, maybe a little later than you wanted but still in time to play. Now on the other side, knowing that your partner was itching to get out and play golf the other partner should work diligently on getting their stuff done. No talking on the phone to a friend during this time or creating distractions for yourself. Then you both get satisfied and your relationship becomes a wonderful place. Now instead of pushing and shoving against each other you are pushing and shoving in the same direction, thus more will get accomplished.

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