Saturday, May 15, 2010

In you Relationship as well as life always be optimistic.

We so often go through life with blinders on, and this is true in our relationships, too. We don't look at the bigger picture and have preconceived ideas before we experience items. For the next month or so I want you to make it a habit to be open to everything you do. This might sound hard but after you get over the first couple of hurdles it gets a lot smoother. Say for instance, you partner ask you to go to the ballet, and you a football on sundays type of person. Instead of shaking your head and rolling your eyes, be optimistic. Tell yourself as well as your partner, that will be interesting to experience, I would love to see how a ballet could stimulate me. Another example might be that your partner is bugging you about having intimacy. Instead of saying, "Is that all you think about" to them try this "I am amazed that you desire me so much, I would love to make love to you" You can use this is so many ways to improve your relationship and your life. Say your trash gets knocked over in the night by animals and spread all over you yard. You could be outside cursing like a sailor (sorry sailors, just a saying). Instead you could tell yourself as you are cleaning up the mess, "This is a valuable lesson and next time I will make sure to put the trash where animals cannot get it" By being optimistic in our relationship we open ourself up to all the love available to us.

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