Friday, May 28, 2010

How much focus do you put in your relationship?

Do you put much focus in your relationship? Are you always looking for things to make it better or are you like the millions that just let it happen. Well I am here to tell you that if you think your relationship just gets better with age, you are wrong. If you talk to couples that have great relationships you will find a common factor they are always looking for something to challenge or inspire their relationship. It might be a new activity for them to share or a trip to a different location. Experimenting with intimacy or finding different date ideas can make your relationship keep that spark that it had in the beginning. You should think about your relationship everyday because it is a constant living breathing part of your life. Even if it is a little as making sure to give that special kiss before leaving for work. Our relationship is the basis for all our happiness when you have a great relationship and it thrives the rest of your life will follow. So put your relationship at the top of your list today and everyday.

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  1. The relationship is based on trust. It is immaterial whether you kiss regularly or not. No doubt, physical intimacy works!!!