Sunday, May 30, 2010

Get the clutter out of your house and relationship.

I am sure there are not many of you out there that can honestly say that you don't have any clutter around your house. Now start thinking the same way about your relationship, do you have clutter there? I can see all your eyebrows raising as you start to ponder. Don't think to hard about it just watch your daily activities and see if there is anything you classify as clutter. For example do you have pictures of the two of you doing fun stuff together just laying around the house or in a drawer somewhere? Get them out make a scrapbook of the ones you love and get rid of the rest of the pictures. Do you have items that you picked up during your relationship that are sentimental or remind you of special times, shoved in a closet or the back of the cabinet? Take a picture of them put it in your scrap book and get rid of them. Make a collage of these pictures and hang it on your wall. Do you have sexy sleepwear that you never wear? Put it on and take a picture for you mate and then make a special box for it with items you use for sex and store them there. We hold on to things way to long that we don't use for sentimental reasons. I am sure you could get about two or three big boxes and fill them with stuff you are keeping because they hold sentiment value but haven't seen the light of day in years. Record them digitally on pictures and toss them away. This way you will probably see them more often as you flip through your scrap book.

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