Friday, May 14, 2010

Date nights a must for all long term relationships

One thing that you have to do when you are in a long term relationship is to continue to date each other. It might sound silly but the use of dates can keep your relationship fresh and exciting for many many years to come. Plan your dates well in advance so that you have time to find a baby sitter, or save for a night out for the two of you. Make sure you have specific things to do also as to not waste the night wondering what to do. Make your date night a specific time either each week or month. You can make it the 2nd Friday of each month or every thursday night it just depends on what fits your schedule. Make it a grand even and if you want to make if feel like a real date have one partner come knock on the door to pick you up. One last thing make sure you end each date with a make out session if it ends up with a little action in the bedroom is up to you.

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