Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Change your time for Sex!

Do you always have sex at the same time? Are you bedtime people and that is the only time that you will make love? Well I want to suggest making a time change. Try making love at a different time of the day then normal. I like to call it vacation sex. Breaking out of your routine might make your love making a little more exciting. Plus by being open to different times you allow yourself to avoid issues that might keep you from having sex all together. When the kids are at school is a time that is seldom used for sex, but allows you the freedom of not being interrupted or having to wait for the older kids to go to bed. Also you don't have to worry about being tired or the differences in your sleeping schedules.

Morning sex is the best for some people it gives them a great start to their day. It's like getting up and doing your exercises before you shower. I would suggest this to anyone that likes to got to bed really early. The only problem with morning sex is the death breath you collect during the night but that can easily be cured with a trip to the bathroom or now they have the little portable toothbrushes that you could sit right on your headboard.

I don't care when you enjoy having your sex, night time, afternoon, morning they are all wonderful times that have their own unique positive qualities. What I want to say is don't put off having sex if the time you enjoy is not available for some reason then pretend your on vacation and have vacation sex anytime you can find.

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