Thursday, April 15, 2010

Standing in your partners shoes.

Have you ever wondered how your partner is thinking? Wondering how they are viewing what you are saying or how they are truly feeling about a subject. Well there is a form of meditation where you try to place yourself in this other persons position to try and feel how they view the subject you are wondering about. Two people can view the same thing in many different was. You need to listen to your partners feelings then try to meditate and put yourself in their positions knowing how they feel. You might get a better understanding of how they are viewing the subject. This doesn't say that the way you are viewing it is wrong it is just that they have a different perspective. Until you can step out of your feelings you might not ever understand theirs. Maybe you don't have to get into a deep meditation to see this? Maybe you can be objective without getting into a zen like state, if so more power to you. I suggest sitting alone in a quite space, relax yourself with breathing and motionlessness. Then visualize the person you want to understand better, then become them in your mind and look at yourself. Knowing how they tell you they feel, visualize it from their perspective while you are looking at yourself. Have them do they same if they are open to it and maybe you both will realize that neither of your is wrong and both of you are right. Funny that is how opinions work, yet without stepping out of our own shoes sometimes it is hard to swallow.

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