Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shower together.

One of the most intimate things you can do together is take a shower with each other. Sure it is not the easiest way to take a shower, but we are not talking about your morning shower before work. We are talking about a long hot shower with lots of soap sharing and taking turns washing each other. The beauty of the taking a shower together is it lets you see each other naked, when you are in bed together you miss that imagery. Be sexy and enjoy the warm water the warm bodies and the touch. OH those soapy touches where you hands glide over each other, ummmh that is pure delight. The images of soap running down a curvy body sends shivers down my spine. You might also think about shower sex but that is a bit challenging depending on the heights of each other, but it is worth a try just make sure to be safe. Slips and falls in the shower can drastically change your mood. Let each other wash the others erogenous zones and sit back and enjoy the feeling. As a kicker let the other person wash your hair it is a relaxing experience that will loosen you up right from the start. Last thing make sure you have the biggest fluffiest towels that you have in the house to rap up in after the shower because with all that heat in your shower it will be very cold once you get out.

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