Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sexy Sleepwear for men??? where is it?

About every week we get a new Victoria Secret Catalog in the mail. Page after page of beautiful women wearing the most sexy things you can imagine. The images are beautiful and sexy and they get me thinking about sex right away. However what is sexy for a man to wear. Boxers is about the only thing that pops into my mind and they have overdone that so much. I mean really are boxers with cartoon characters on them sex??? Another fact is that they make sexy clothing for women that are a little out of shape but for men where is the sexy thing that hides our bellies. Does the world not care about the state of sexiness for men? How can we look sexy with out looking, well for lack of a better word, silly. I mean can us normal guys pull off a small pair of undies or a thong with a banana on the front? Come on designers I challenge you to make something that will make us men look sexy and not silly. I don't know the answer or I would market it myself. Sexy shouldn't just be for the really in shape people, we all want to feel comfortable in our bodies and sex would be great exercise for some people. So we as a society need to find something that will have our partners biting their lips with ecstasy instead of rolling around on the bed laughing.

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