Monday, April 12, 2010

Self Help for couples.

If you like most people you have read several self help books in your life time. No matter if you wanted to increase your memory, get in better shape, or improve areas that you lack a little in. Well why not take a self help book and work on it together. What better support can you have then your partner. Walking through the ins and outs of what ever area you want to improve on together will also bring you closer together. If you want to improve your finances, you can find plenty of authors that will help the two of you. You can make action plans together and take it upon yourselves to push the other partner when they lag behind. Get in shape together, learn a new language, or improve your love life. Whatever you challenge might be go ahead and dive into it together. Learning never hurt anyone so even if the subject might not interest you as much as your partner still but the effort into making it a priority. If you would like to improve the intimacy in your relationship I would suggest picking up SEXY CHALLENGES from the authors of the couples spot to start out with.

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