Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is a kiss just a kiss?

When you kiss your partner good bye or hello is it just a greeting or more than that? After all you don't kiss everyone hello or goodbye do you? Aside from you kids or your parents that usually doesn't happen. So, I ask again is a kiss more than we give it credit for. Is it the passing of breath between two lovers? Is it exchanging life force or your inner light? We might never know why a kiss is so important. The tingling lips the moister in the act causes me to believe that is a sharing in some sort of way. You can even tell your partners feelings in their kiss, by the pressure or the force behind it. Heck you can even tell if they are mad at you by their kiss. Maybe if we put more focus on each kiss we share with our partner we might start to become closer then ever before. Some people say that kissing is foreplay and I agree but I think it is so much more deeper that that. I think it is two being one and the sharing of desires and passions and of space. Most people don't think about kissing in this manner but next time you kiss your partner really see if you can feel what they are feeling, then look deep in their eyes telling them you love them.

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