Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grilling for love

We are almost into the grilling season. The grills are getting cleaned up, we are getting our cooking utensils out of the hibernation caves and the family is ready to taste that wonderful food from the grill. However, are you just going to do burgers most of the time again this year? There are so many romantic and tasty meals that you can cook on your grill making it an adventure every time you light up the grill. There are marinates that you can use on your meat, be it chicken, beef or pork. Just as in your relationship you need to get some variety in your diet. Don't just think about the meat vegetables and even fruit can add a flare to your meal. Making you look like the type of cook that will get lots of kisses from your partner. There are so many recipe sites and application on the web and even your phone for that matter. I even saw a application for the Nintendo DS that had a complete library of recipes on it. Use spices and salts to doctor up your food making it a sensual experience for your family each time. Plan ahead and be ready for each and every time you cookout. Not only will it make you look good but you might get rewarded by your partner for being the TOP CHEF.

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