Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exercise, eating right, .....

We put so much time working out, trying to eat right and protecting our bodies. How much time do you put in protecting your relationship? Do you read new books on improving your relationship do you watch videos that promote building your relationship? Why not? We understand that everything we want in life we have to work for. Our house, our car, a lean body, good health but yet we just expect our relationships to fall into place. Not only do we expect them to fall into place but we also expect them to be wonderful and great. Well if you just sat around on the couch wanting to get in better shape, would it happen? No, you have to work at it, so just like with exercise stop procrastinating and get your butt up and start working on your relationship. Pick up some books, read articles, search the internet for anything that will put more value in your relationship. Just like with exercising your body you don't get results fast but over time you will gradually start seeing improvement in your relationship and you partner will also.

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