Thursday, April 8, 2010

Discussing thing in a deeper Manner.

Do you know your partners views on life and death, what about their religious beliefs or feelings? Do they believe in evolution, or what about bigfoot, the loch ness monster, or aliens? How do they feel about dreams and their spirit? Most people I hope feel comfortable enough with their partners to let them know how they feel about these things. However, still several do not for fear of having a different opinion then the one they love. After all how could two people stay together is one believes in bigfoot and the other thinks it is just a guy in an ape suite? I joke but their is a lot of passion in discussing your believes no matter what they are on. The wonderful part about it is most likely we will never know the correct answers as long as we are on earth. We can have different views on what happens after death because we don't know for sure. The important thing is to discuss these feelings, explain them to your lover, and listen without judging to their views. This is a great way to get closer, excepting their side and their feelings will make you understand them a little better. This got started last night on our drive home from the John Edwards -Psychic Medium show we attended last night. My partner has very deep and thought out views on spirituality and I love to hear her explain them. The wonderful part about her is that she will listen to my views or won't laugh at my questions. I love these deep conversations with her we have been having them a lot lately and they have my mind thinking about things that I didn't even realize would have impact on my life. The point of all this is get to know your partner a little better and you don't have to agree 100% with them but it is nice to hear their feelings and passion about them.

Special Note to my partner if you are reading this - "Thank you for the wonderful conversations we have, I love hearing your views and passions. Don't ever stop explaining your feelings to me. I love you"

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