Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can your relationship be spontaneous in this day and age.

Most people want their relationship to just fall in their lap. You want a magical fairy tale that is happy all the time and just happens. Spontaneous relationships are a fairy tale, the truth is relationships take work and lot of it. The rewards are amazing but without putting the effort into them you will be left, just waiting for things to happen. Sure their are some people that are so in tune with each other that they seem to think the same but believe me they have issues just like everyone else. Spontaneous happens when you are not thinking about what you want. I don't know anyone that doesn't think about a relationship if they want one. I think the word spontaneous should be taken out of any association with a relationship. Think about this. People always say that they want spontaneous sex and when it happens the passion and love are great. However, you end up waiting and waiting and waiting for the spontaneous to happen. It's frustrating to wait for passion and love, taking the initiative to bring those feelings on is how you grow a relationship. If you have to wait for spontaneous to show your partner how much you care about them they might get the feeling you don't care. Stop waiting for things to just happen in your relationship. Take them by the balls and make what you want happen. Go as far as to schedule things like dates, getaways, walks, talks and even sex. Quite waiting on spontaneous because it never shows up when you need it to. Take charge and take action today.

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  1. Marriage is definitely about taking action!