Friday, April 16, 2010

Birth Control for a solid relationship

In any relationship where sex is involved you will need to consider birth control unless you are wanting to have children. You might think this is an easy choice but it is as different as there are as many couples out there. Condoms are great but they don't allow you to feel the closeness. The pill is consistent but has some major hormonal effects for some women. Diaphragms, IUD's, female condoms, etc all have one draw back or another. There is not perfect solution that is 100% effective and most of them do not allow you to be spontaneous. So, you might ask what is the right choice should you get a vasectomy or your tubes tied? Well are you going to want to have kids at some point and time? If so then these are not options and again they are not 100% effective. They are a little closer but still cases have been reported where pregnancy has occurred after either of these procedures have been performed. The right answer for you depends on the two of you, which method offers the most protection while fitting into your lifestyle. Is it right for you to put the pressure on the woman to remember to take the pill all the time, or will condoms not let you feel the pleasure that both of you enjoy. Together you have to way all the options, another thing to consider is how you feel on pregnancy is it something you both might want at some point. Then maybe you can choose a lesser effective method and play a little hit or miss game. You can even switch it up a bit use condoms one time and then use a diaphragm the next time. What ever you choice it needs to be a combined choice and that will make it work the best for the both of you.

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