Monday, April 5, 2010

Be ready to be flexible.

Being a couple is full of compromises. When you have two or more peoples lives living out of the same house then you really have to be prepared for those unexpected things that pop up. Way back when a time when you were not it a relationship you only had to worry about things that directly effected you. Now that you are in a relationship you have to worry about not only your issues but your partners as well. Not to mention if you have kids that you have to be really flexible to keep up with them. You might have made plans to go out on a date with your partner when all of the sudden your child finds out they made the spelling bee championships on the same night. Whoops, change of plans, you will now be attending the spelling bee. However, here is the kicker to keep your relationship strong you have to reschedule that evening out for the two of you. Maybe even make it later in the evening or the next night. The one thing you can to is forget about it. That puts you on the fast track of not doing anything to improve or make your relationship exciting. Compromises will arise all the time but you have to bend and twist with them to make it all work out. Because it all is important.

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