Friday, April 2, 2010

Are you repaying your partners favors?

Do you remember last week when you partner dropped everything to help you out? Did you ever repay that favor? So many times in our busy life we forget to really thank the person we love for helping us out. Maybe it was a massage or taking the kids to give you some quite time. No matter what the favor you need to make the effort to thank them for it. Make your repayment something that they enjoy and wouldn't expect you to do. Maybe cook them their favorite dinner or give them a wonderful massage. Maybe you could find a movie that they have been wanting to watch or wear that lingerie that you have just thrown in the drawer. If you don't repay these favors you might find yourself not getting them in the future. Keep the balance close of the amount of favors you do for each other and neither one of you will ever feel unappreciated. When we do favors we do not expect repayment but it goes without saying that it should be a mandate. Thank them often for being their for you and they always will be.

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