Saturday, March 6, 2010

What about good morning sex?

One thing I think we stop doing once we get so far in a relationship is that we stop having good morning sex. We focus on our intimacy during the evening and we just rush out of bed in the mornings to get on with our day. I want to suggest spending a little more time in the sack in the mornings. There are a couple of obstacles in your way if you are wanting to do enjoy this. The first being kids if you have them morning time might be a little difficult to get some privacy. A simple solution to this is to lock your door or get up a little earlier so that you are finished and relaxing by the time the kids burst into your room. The biggest deterrent in morning sex is morning breath. The funky smell your mouth creates during a night of being shut. Well you can pick up some little toothbrushes that all ready have the toothpaste inside them. Keep these items on the headboard for quick use. This also sends the message to your partner when then wake to see you using this disposable toothbrushes the will know what or who is about to be coming.

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