Friday, March 19, 2010

Teasing a sport in it's own right.

As a couple you are a little more accepting of good nature teasing between the two of you. Heck others could say the same things you partner says but you might deck them. There is a level of trust that comes when you partner teases you, not like you feel when someone else teases you. You might even be able to consider it foreplay. Some couples get great joy out of teasing each other. They get a great rush out of the feeling of teasing each other. Bantering back and forth can create a sexual tension that could just erupt at any point during the evening. Use this to you advantage. Tease with the intention of getting the other person riled up. Use this as your intention of brining them up to the level they would need to be greatly aroused then see if you can coax them into an all out assault on your pleasure. A word of caution this can also back fire on you if you hit a nerve that might send your partner reeling in the other direction. So tread lightly and I hope it works out for you.

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