Monday, March 22, 2010

Start your day off together at the breakfast table.

For most couples the start of the morning is hectic and a rush to get ready for work. You can break that tradition and get a more relaxed start to your day by getting up a little earlier and enjoying a small breakfast together. This will help get your relationship and day off to a much better start. It doesn't matter if you eat at home or go out the important part is you spend the time together in a relaxed state, talking and conversing with the person you love. This will help you get a much better start to the day then just jumping up and going. Sure no one wants to get up earlier but think about how it will change your day leaving for work in a relax state compared to one of disarray. The thing you have to remember is to spend the time together, not reading the paper or watching television. I want actual time spend talking or maybe just holding hands while you are eating. Take turns clearing the dishes while the other person hops in the shower or heck forget the dishes and shower together. Love and passion are one of the greatest gifts we are given so don't waste time avoiding them, dive in and get all you can.

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