Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spend alone time together.

This might sound like the silliest thing ever. However you can be alone with someone in the same room. Reading together is one of those things you can do together but be totally apart in your time. Just being in the same room will make you feel like your relationship has grown and is improving. One thing you have to do to make this successful is to keep to yourself. Be together but don't interrupt each other by asking questions or speaking to your partner. Giving them solitude while you are with them takes a lot of self control. However to spend a couple of hours together in the same room while enjoying something on your own brings you closer to understanding each other. Try this exercise for the two of you set a timer for an hour get a book and read together and when you get really good you will be able to touch your partners foot or hand and still not invade there mind space. Being able to be apart while you are together is a challenge but a great wonderful way for a couple to have their space and love you too.

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