Friday, March 5, 2010

Speak my name!

Let me ask you this question how many times to you say your partners name? If you are like most couples you use pet names like babe, honey, sweetheart, etc to address the love of your life. For the next couple of days I want you to try speaking your partners name when you talk to them. For starters it will mix things up a bit and get them aroused that you are using their name. Do this even during any intimate or passion you might have between the two of you. When you climax call out their name, when you want to ask them a question use their name, or even when you are just talking to them use their name in the conversation. Their brain will pick up on this change and it will make them feel good knowing that your thoughts and speaking is directed at them and not just anyone. This might help keep your relationship in that beginning state before you were comfortable enough to use pet names. Mix it up a bit, because it might be a bit much to only use their name all the time, but the fun part will be to watch their reactions the first few times you do this.

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