Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Stress

Once you become a couple you have to share almost everything. Stress is one of these things that has to be shared. No matter whose has the stress it creeps into both of your lives. When one partner is stressed the other will surely feel the effects of this stress. The other partner might be grouchy or upset, or they might with drawl totally form the relationship for a while. The best method to combat this is take the stress on head first. Dive into the problem that is effecting your partner and see if you can help with a solution or just be an open ear to listen. Sometimes just getting the stress out in the open is enough for your partner to start feeling less stressed. Sometimes their stress demands attraction, don't try to avoid the stress that only makes it worse on both of you. Try to come to a solution and work around it the best you can. Once the stress passes you partner will be so greatfull to you that they might treat you a little special for putting up with their stress problems. If you think you will never have stress in your relationship you are in for a big surprise. No matter how comfortable you are something somewhere, some time will bring the ugly stress monster into your life.

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  1. I totally agree if you don't share your stress and feelings with your partner it is likely to cause further tension between.
    After all is you feel tense and uptight there is no way that this is not going to show, you might even be grouchy and argumentative with your partner who won't understand why.

    I always make a point of taking the time to talk to my partner when I feel stressed and it always makes me feel better.