Monday, March 29, 2010

Make a savings goal.

As a couple one of the most important things you can do is make a savings goal. Maybe you want to take an awesome vacation, or purchase new patio furniture. Anything that is not a normal purchase would be a great thing to save for. You can put money in a jug or dedicate so much from each pay check to reach the goal. Keep a tote board up in your house to show how close you are to reaching your goal. Make sure to keep the money safe and in a hard to get place so that you don't just get into it anytime you desire something. Once you finally reach your goal then you can celebrate by purchasing the thing that both of your desire. When picking your treasure make sure to pick something the both of you can use. Don't pick a big screen tv for him to watch the games on and don't pick a new vanity table for her to get ready in the morning. Sharing is one of the secrets to staying healthy as a couple. Not to mention the rewards are so much sweeter when you have someone to enjoy them with. Start stocking back the change now I think I hear Hawaii calling the two of you.

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