Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ladies shave those legs before bed.

There are many countries around the world where the women don't shave their legs. This is accepted by their culture and is not thought of as unattractive in these countries. However here in America it is very unusual to see a woman with hair on her legs. Here we usually look at is as someone that doesn't take care of themselves.

Ladies your legs are a valuable asset to you and your relationship. Soft shaven legs are sexy and can make even the most straight laced man melt. Us men love to run our hands across your fresh soft shaven legs and for obvious reasons. With that said ladies you might want to change up your routine a little. For example I shave my face a lot of times before I go to bed, so that just incase my partner wants to get close or intimate, she is not met with the sandpaper my face becomes. Same holds true for you ladies. If you know (and you know when you want to) you are wanting to be a little more then sleeping partners make the effort to shave those sexy legs of yours. That way your partner will drool to get his/her hands all over those soft legs of yours. Not only do your legs help with getting your partner to touch you, but they also make you feel more sexy. Fresh shaved legs are also a must if you like to wear stockings and I will speak for most of the men out there and say, "We love stockings" The nice part about using your sexy legs is that you don't have to be naked to get the feeling. You can put on a nice pair of shorts and get the foreplay started a little before you make it to the bedroom. Other things you might consider is a nice lotion to use on your legs to make them even softer and smell wonderful.

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