Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How many orgasms can you handle!

Something you need to consider when you are faced with an evening of long and drawn out passion, is "How many times can you orgasm?" When you are wanting to have a long night of love making you don't want it to be over in a short time period. First thing you need to look at is which partner can orgasm more often. Once you decide who that person is then you should make sure you start with that person. Bring them to orgasm with oral or hand stimulation and let them know that you plan for them to have more of these feelings. Once you get them off then you can focus on getting both of you off. Make sure you use lots of foreplay and bring them to the edge and then stop and swelter the feeling and calm them down. I suggest doing this only if you have a lot of time on your hands. The last thing you want to do is get them close then stop and not be able to continue. I suggest setting a timer in an earlier post to make sure you spend enough time on foreplay. Stick with that plan and give foreplay the credit it deserves. Build you anticipation of your own orgasm, it doing this you will make your orgasm amazing. Take breaks and switch things up from time to time try different positions or enter a different orifice from time to time. You have time so try some different things. Here is the beauty of this, if you want to have multiple orgasms all you have to do is take some time in between each one to rejuvenate. Don't be afraid to take a shower then come back and make love some more. So many people thing that once the sex is done you hope up or roll over and go to sleep. That doesn't have to be the case, make it a challenge to try to turn the other person on again. Do this until it is obvious that no more activity is going to be happening. Then you can hold each other and fall asleep with passionate love making being your sleeping pill.

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