Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Light

If you live in a climate what has a cold harsh winter, the cabin fever can sit in pretty bad during these months. Not being able to be outside much or get the sun light that warms us can be a real downer for not only us but our relationship also. This is where you need to take action and fight the blues of winter. The obvious thing to do is to hop a plane and take a vacation to a warm exotic place. Somewhere that you can drink fruity drinks and make love all night. Now if your budget will not allow you to do this you need to start thinking of other things to do. First thing is whenever the sun is out make sure to open the curtains and let all the light in you can to your house. When the temperature warms up even slightly take a short walk outside to get that brisk air into your lungs. When all these things fail you then you need to start looking for a happy light. I have put the web address of a great happy light in the title of this post so all you have to do is click on the title and you will be whisked off to the happy light store. There are many other versions of this type of device that are less expensive. I personally don't get the winter blahs but the people that I have talked say the light definitely helps with these blahs. Sit in front of you light and close your eyes and feel the light reacting to your skin, feel it absorb into you and then after a few days of this your overall mood should start to come around. Granted this is no substitute for the sun but it might just help you avoid the cabin fever that usually happens around this time of year.

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