Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An easy way to keep love alive.

There is a simple way to make your relationship the most important thing in your life. Simply put you need to love your partner everyday like it might be the last time. Now we are not suggesting that you should hope anything bad would befall your partner. What we are saying is that you should appreciate them daily for all they do. What if they were not in your life how much harder would it be? What do they do to make your life easier? Do they get the kids ready in the morning, to they get up early to take a shower so you can sleep longer, do they do the dishes even if it is not their turn, or maybe they give you time to relax. Whatever the reason you should love them for all they do because it is not guaranteed that it will always be there. People that lose someone suddenly always say the same thing, "If I knew this was going to happen I would have done this differently (speaking about the last time they were together)" We don't want you to think about bad things happening to your partner but we want you to appreciate all they do while they are hear with you. Once they are gone you cannot make up the past, plus when you appreciate them they will most likely respond with more of what you are appreciating them for. Life is way to short not to make love a priority, and if you are not you are short changing yourself and the people you love.

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