Sunday, March 7, 2010

Don't use you partner as a punching bag.

Do you direct all your anger at you partner? If so is that fair? Why do we blow our top at our partner? Why don't we direct you anger at the area that causes it? Does work make you anger and you bring it home? These questions I believe that you already know the answer to. You partner does not deserve to be your punching bag. Yes they need to be there to support you when you are having a bad time of it. However if you want to keep your relationship strong you need to try and focus the anger in another way. Maybe exercise would do it for you, or maybe something artistic, heck you can even take it out by having sex. Just to come home and unload on your partner is not fair to them or you. This only creates a feeling of trying to stay out of you way for your partner. Why would they want to be your support if all you do is direct the anger at them? Think about that for a while, then the next time you have a bad day and come home angry try a different approach. Calmly sit down and explain your feelings to your partner, don't raise you voice or throw things. Allow your partner time to process these feelings and help you direct them in positive ways. Not only will the two of you feel better but most likely the problem will become less of a stress to your relationship.

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