Friday, March 12, 2010

Can you use sex as cure all?

In most surveys people that claim to have the best relationships also have the best sex lives. In turn people that seem to be in the best of health, also report that their sex life is an important part of their routine. Doctors also will tell you that sex releases hormones that help to treat headaches, and pain. Orgasms are like a euphoric drug when it release the chemicals that cause a state of relaxation. With all this said what the hell is the question about sex, why would anyone not desire these things. How can you justify refusing your partner any of these things either? Increasing your life span, having a great relationship, feeling great what else do you want. Nothing is more fun then experiencing these things together while you are building a strong relationship. Now why are you sitting here still reading? Get your but out there and help your partner out.

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