Friday, March 26, 2010

The Best thing to build a better Relationship.

The single most important thing that I have found that is a common occurrence for couples that have great relationships is that they have fun together. Simply put the simple act of having fun is the best relationship builder. It makes you desire to be together. Far to many times as people are together longer periods of time they just end up going through the motions. They forget having fun together was an important part of deciding to be a couple. As time moves along we get caught up in the daily activities and paying bills together instead of taking some time everyday to do something fun together. If we make a conscious effort to enjoy each others company we start to build and crave that again. Set an hour a day to have to something you both enjoy be it taking a walk or being silly. Once you start having fun together again all the other problems in your relationship will start to fall into place.

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