Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Being a couple rocks!

I am sure you have all been jealous a time or two of a single friend that is going out all the time and doesn't seem to have a care in the world. However think of it this way what is that single friend going out looking for? It is what you have, they are looking for a partner someone to share their life with. Sure there are some people out there that want to stay single forever. The benefits to being in a relationship far out way the single lifestyle. For starters who cares about you if your single? Who helps you when your down, who makes you feel better when your sick, and who builds memories with you. Most people that are single are going out looking for someone to score with, and you have that person at home with you. Not only do people in relationships have more sex the quality of the sex is much much better. It is easier to experiment a little with someone you are sharing your life with then someone you just picked up in a bar and don't even know their last name. Yes being in a relationship does have some drawbacks but the benefits far out way the negative things. Relationships are like a garden and they grow with time, when your single you are not growing you are just wishing to stay the same. Celebrate your relationship for the wonderful thing it is.

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