Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why is sweaty sexy to some and repulsive to others.

I am curious about why the way sweat is viewed. I have seen commercials that show sweaty men that are suppose to be sexy then we get bombarded with deodorant commercials telling us that sweat isn't sexy at all. Again I am confused. Talking to several others I get almost a 50/50 mix on the subject. The people that are turned off by sweat talk about the odor and the feel of it against their body. They also talk about how it makes hair look nasty, once it gets the hair sticking to the body. On the turned on by sweat side of the ball, the fans talk about how it makes the body glisten, the also associate it with the person working out which is a turn on when someone takes care of their body. Sweaty fans, also seem to like the taste it adds to the skin, giving it a salty flavor. Hot sweaty sex is a big turn on for many people, the love the feeling that they are working hard at making love. I personally am a big fan of the sweaty body but I can see the other side of it also. This is why I want to hear from you what are your feelings on the subject, email your comments to

Note on the picture, I think sweat running between the breast is one sexy image.

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