Saturday, February 27, 2010

Talk dirty sometimes

We all know that some people like to talk dirty during the throws of passion. It is perfectly normal and accepted. On occasion however, you can bring it out of the bedroom for it's shock value. I don't condone using it casually but at certain times it can be a really effective tool in getting what you want. For instance if you partner is watching sports most likely into the game and not much will get their attention. Now if you walk up and whisper in their ear "Will you please come F**K me" I am sure you will draw their attention away from whatever they are watching. You don't even have to speak the word to make them effective. Say you out at dinner and you find your partner looking very attractive, carefully scribble on a napkin some naughty words and slip it to them across the table. You might see them searching for the waiter to get the check as quickly as possible. Don't use this method to often, as it will lose it's appeal if you go the well to many times. Have fun with it and I am sure you partner will appreciate it, also.

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